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परिवर्तन = MUTATION(Noun)
उदाहरण : इस सेना के परिस्थिति परिवर्तन के संक्रान्ति-काल में पंजाब में शांतिरक्षा का कार्य सौपा गया।
Usage : an organism that has characteristics resulting from chromosomal mutation.
परिवर्तन = TRANSITION(Noun)
Usage : Adolescence is a transition for childhood to youth.
परिवर्तन = CHANGE(Noun)
Usage : the change was intended to increase sales
परिवर्तन = CONVERSION(Noun)
उदाहरण : ईसाई धर्म में उनका परिवर्तन केवल नाममात्र था।
Usage : Her conversion to christianity is critisized by everyone.
परिवर्तन = REVERSAL(Noun)
Usage : Growth stocks made an impressive reversal .
परिवर्तन = TRANSFORMATION(Noun)
Usage : The new officer is responsible for this transformation in the official machinery.
परिवर्तन = VICISSITUDE(Noun)
Usage : Deal with the vicissitudes of life calmly
परिवर्तन = ALTERATION(Noun)
Usage : There is no alteration in the scheduled programme.
परिवर्तन = VARIATION(Noun)
Usage : any variation in his routine was immediately reported
परिवर्तन = MOVE(Noun)
Usage : he didnt make a move to help
परिवर्तन = TURNING(Noun)
Usage : the law took many turnings over the years
परिवर्तन = SHIFT(Noun)
Usage : his constant shifting disrupted the class
परिवर्तन = CHANGE OVER(Verb)
Usage : Here too the change over the years is significant, but there is still considerable scope for improvement.
परिवर्तन = TURN(Noun)
Usage : he took a turn to the right
परिवर्तन = REDUCTION(Noun)
Usage : There is a special reduction on readymade garments.
परिवर्तन = SWING(Noun)
Usage : the party went with a swing
परिवर्तन = DIVERSITY(Noun)
Usage : A diversity of possibilities should be explored.
परिवर्तन = PASSAGE(Noun)
Usage : the outward passage took 10 days
परिवर्तन = MODIFICATION(Noun)
Usage : The building required extensive modification.
परिवर्तन = TRANSMUTATION(Noun)
Usage : the transmutation of base metals into gold proved to be impossible
परिवर्तन = TRANSFER(IntransitiveVerb)
Usage : Ajay was transferred from Delhi to Bhilai.
परिवर्तन = UNCERTAINTY(Noun)
Usage : He was anxious about the uncertainity of outcome of the meeting.
परिवर्तन = TRANSFORM(Verb)
Usage : This experience transformed her completely
परिवर्तन = TRANSIT(Noun)
Usage : Mercury’s last transit of the sun occurred 10 years ago.
परिवर्तन = CUT(Noun)
Usage : The girl applied medicine to the deep cut
परिवर्तन = ALTERNATION(Noun)
Usage : Other planets might also have alternation of day and night.
परिवर्तन = CHANGEOVER(Noun)
Usage : This force was specifically charged with safeguarding the peace in the Punjab during the period of changeover to the new conditions.
परिवर्तनीय = ABLE TO BE CHANGED(Noun)
उदाहरण : यह परिवर्तनीय है।
Usage : It is needed to be changed.

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