लागत = EXPENSE(Noun)
उदाहरण : सन् 1919 तक 10 करोड़ रूपये की लागत से एक योजना को लागू किया गया जिससे बंबई बंदरगाह पर उपलब्ध सुविधाओं में काफी विस्तार हुआ.
Usage : He kept a record of his expenses at the meeting.
लागत = DISBURSAL(Noun)
Usage : What is the subsidy disbursal mechanism?
Usage : He was given the medical disbursement.
लागत = COSTING(Noun)
Usage : A scheme costing Rs 10 crores was implemented by 1919, considerably extending the facilities at Bombay port.
लागत = SPENDING(Noun)
Usage : Say: "Even if you owned the stores of the mercy of my Lord, you would have held them back for fear of spending them, for man is niggardly."
लागत = OUTLAY(Noun)
Usage : You require an outlay of $100000 on those machines.
लागत = COST(Noun)
Usage : The cost of oil has increased.
लागत = OUTGOINGS(Noun)
Usage : To pay other outgoings such as telephone bills, electricity bills society charges etc.
लागत = CHARGE(Noun)
Usage : the wrestlers charge carried him past his adversary
लागत = PRICE(Verb)
Usage : the price of gasoline
लागत = COSTS(Noun)
Usage : If a pound of flour costs 12 øre, what does a barrel of gunpowder cost?
लगाती = TWIRLS(Noun)
उदाहरण : वह अपनी पढ़ाई में बहुत ध्यान लगाती है।
लगातार = PERSISTENT(Adjective)
उदाहरण : लगातार तीन दिनों से बारिश हो रही है।
Usage : persistent leaves remain attached past maturity
लगातार = CONSECUTIVE(Adjective)
उदाहरण : विराट कोहली लगातार चार टेस्ट मैचों की सीरीज में दोहरा शतक बनाने वाले पहले बल्लेबाज बन गए।
Usage : Virat Kohli became the first batsman to score double centuries in four consecutive Test series.
लगातार = CONSISTENTLY(Adverb)
Usage : Baghvaan Krishna 's worshiped PADH was due to the unity of the subject is found most consistently 7.
लगातार = CONSTANTLY(Adverb)
Usage : constantly kind and gracious
लगातार = AWAY(Adverb)
उदाहरण : They worked away for three days to get it finished.
उन्होने उसे समाप्त करने के लिए लगातार तीन दिनौं तक काम किया.

Usage : ran away from the lion
लगातार = PERSISTENTLY(Adverb)
Usage : he was asking questions, unavoidable questions, persistently...
लगातार = CONSTANT(Noun)
Usage : This route is in constant use.
लगातार = RELENTLESSLY(Adverb)
Usage : he worked relentlessly
लगातार = INCESSANTLY(Adverb)
उदाहरण : रणबीर कपूर और कैटरीना कैफ अपनी आगामी फिल्म 'जग्गा जासूस' का लगातार प्रचार कर रहे हैं।
Usage : Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif are incessantly promoting their upcoming film Jagga Jasoos.
लगातार = UNINTERRUPTED(Adjective)
Usage : He gave an uninterrupted lecture for over an hour.
लगातार = CEASELESS(Adjective)
उदाहरण : लगातार संदेश
Usage : I enjoy the ceaseless thunder of surf on the beach.
लगातार = STRAIGHT(Noun)
Usage : number one on the best - seller list for 20 straight weeks.
लगातार = CONTINUOUSLY(Adverb)
Usage : The function is continuously differentiable
लगातार = CONTINUOUS(Adjective)
Usage : a continuous rearrangement of electrons in the solar atoms results in the emission of light
लगातार = THROUGH(Adverb)
Usage : read this book through
लगातार = UNCEASINGLY(Adverb)
Usage : Here the mind of man searched unceasingly for truth and the spirit of man shone out like a beacon. which lighted up the whole world.
लगातार = ON(Adverb)
Usage : She talked on for two hours without stopping.
लगातार = SUSTAINED(adjective)
Usage : Due to the wound what laxman sustained hanuman brought sushen vaidh and hanuman went on to bring sanjeevani
लगातार = INCREASINGLY(Adverb)
Usage : Pesticides are increasingly used by the farmers.
लगातार = SUCCESSIVE(Adjective)
Usage : This was their fifth successive win.
लगातार = ABUT(Verb)
Usage : His boundary abuts the highway.
लगातार = INCESSANT(Adjective)
Usage : This week is of almost incessant rain.
लगातार = RUNNING(Noun)
Usage : the engine is running smoothly
लगातार = ROW(Noun)
Usage : They had a row again.
लगातार = SYSTEMATICALLY(Adverb)
Usage : they systematically excluded women
लगातार = ON END(Noun)
Usage : It has been raining for three days on end.
लगातार = UNREMITTINGLY(Noun)
Usage : He worked hard and unremittingly his quickness of mind enabled him to achieve more during his long working hours than others.
लगातार = THICK(Adverb)
Usage : Children were playing with the snow balls ,lying thick on the ground.
लगातार = NON STOP(Adverb)
Usage : It was a non-stop lecture
लगातार = CONTINUALLY(Adverb)
Usage : He complained continually that there wasnt enough money.
लगातार = IN A ROW(Noun)
Usage : Match five objects of the same type in a row to score!
लगातार = SOLIDLY(Adverb)
Usage : the unions voted solidly for Roosevelt
लगातार = THICKLY(Adverb)
Usage : after a few drinks he was beginning to speak thickly

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