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मूर्ख = JERK(Verb)
उदाहरण : तुम्हारा भाई मूर्ख है
Usage : He is a jerk.
मूर्ख = STUPID(Adjective)
उदाहरण : - मूर्ख मत बनो-मैं इसे नहीं ले सकती हूं
Usage : He is really Stupid.
मूर्ख = SILLY(Noun)
Usage : dont be a silly
मूर्ख = DUMB(Adjective)
Usage : Struck dumb
Dumb animals
मूर्ख = BOOBY(Noun)
Usage : He is a real booby.
मूर्ख = FOOLISH(Adjective)
Usage : foolish remarks
मूर्ख = IDIOT(Noun)
Usage : He is an idiot since birth.
मूर्ख = GEEK(noun)
उदाहरण : हालांकि वह शारीरिक रूप से एक मूर्ख था लेकिन वह गणित में एक अत्यंत उत्कृष्ट था|
Usage : Artwork for background of Geek City theme
मूर्ख = IGNORAMUS(Noun)
Usage : He is an ignoramus.
मूर्ख = DENSE(Adjective)
Usage : How can she be so dense?
मूर्ख = IMBECILE(Noun)
Usage : Bill has an imbecile behavior.
मूर्ख = FOOL(Noun)
Usage : He is a fool to visit Kashmir at this point of time.
मूर्ख = SIMPLETON(Noun)
Usage : Rajiv is a simpleton.
मूर्ख = NIT(Noun)
Usage : Shampoo your hair to get rid of nits.
मूर्ख = LUMP(Noun)
Usage : He bumped his head against the wall and soon developed a lump on his forehead.
मूर्ख = OBTUSE(Adjective)
Usage : Why is so obtuse?
मूर्ख = IDIOTIC(Adjective)
Usage : Dont be idiotic.
मूर्ख = UNWISE(Adjective)
Usage : An unwise investor is soon impoverished
मूर्ख = NOODLE(Noun)
Usage : Chinese food is served with rice or noodles.
मूर्ख = CLOWN(Noun)
Usage : Mohan is really clown at times.
मूर्ख = PRICK(Noun)
Usage : He behaves like a prick in the class.
मूर्ख = GABY(Noun)
Usage : your brother is gaby
मूर्ख = ASININE(Adjective)
Usage : What an asinine words you say .
मूर्ख = SIMPLE(Noun)
Usage : He said, ‘So shall it be. Your Lord has said, ‘‘It is simple for Me. ’’ Certainly I created you before when you were nothing. ’
मूर्ख = PUNK(Noun)
Usage : In early 80s people used to follow the punk style.
मूर्ख = DOODLE(noun)
Usage : i was actually doodling in the margins of my paper and writing.
मूर्ख = LEATHER(Noun)
Usage : A leather shoe.
मूर्ख = ASS(Verb)
Usage : A branch of medicine that carries out study in the diagonosis and treatment of disease associated with colon, rectum and anus.
मुर्ख = DAFT(Adjective)
उदाहरण : हित्ती को यह बात पसंद नहीं आयी, नानी, कैसा मुर्ख है यह।
Usage : _ Update the network list every% S _ second _ Perbarui daftar jaringan setiap% S _ detik
मूर्ख = DIM(Verb)
Usage : the lights dimmed and the curtain rose
मूर्ख = SENSELESS(Adjective)
Usage : You are the most senseless person, I had seen in my life.
मूर्ख = GOOF(Noun)
Usage : I was a goof - ball student. When I was in high school
मूर्ख = MINDLESS(Adjective)
Usage : She is a mindless fool.
मूर्ख = SCHMO(Noun)
Usage : One who will not listen ones words is called schomo.
मूर्ख = THICK(Noun)
Usage : We were in the thick of the talk.
मूर्ख = PEASANT(Noun)
Usage : We can see a no. of peasants in some corners of India.
मूर्ख = FATHEAD(Noun)
Usage : Why don 't you try to eat your own tail, you fathead?

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