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नक़ली = FORGERY(Noun)
उदाहरण : यह नकली दस्तावेज है
Usage : He was arrested in the case of forgery.
नक़ली = PSEUDO(Noun)
उदाहरण : नक़ली संदेश छुपाएँ (_ p)
Usage : Pseudo Naxalites were caught by the people.
नक़ली = COPPER(Noun)
Usage : She is a strict copper woman.
नक़ली = ARTIFICIAL(Adjective)
Usage : The airhostess put on an artificial smile.
Usage : The pseudomorphic growth of crystals in the rock formation was evident.
नक़ली = COUNTERFEIT(Noun)
Usage : Government has given order of counterfeiting bad quality goods
नक़ली = PASTY(Noun)
Usage : A foul - smelling, pasty accumulation on his skin.
नक़ली = PLASTIC(Noun)
Usage : Price of plastic items are cheaper than the metal ones.
नक़ली = PHONY(Noun)
Usage : ♫ We 'll survive, side by side. Mother Nature, don' t you call her phony, she 's my Clonie. ♫ ♫हम
नक़ली = FICTITIOUS(Adjective)
Usage : Mohan gave a fictitious account for the expenditure on work of digging the well.
नक़ली = IMITATION(Noun)
Usage : Imitation jewellary is used now a days.
नक़ली = MOCK-SERIOUS(Noun)
Usage : Despite his playful demeanor, his mock-serious tone made everyone take him seriously.
नक़ली = MOCK HEROIC(Noun)
Usage : The film was full of mock heroic scenes, with exaggerated heroism and ridiculous battles.
नक़ली = MOCK UP(Noun)
Usage : The marketing team used a mock up of the new product to get feedback from potential customers.
नक़ली = MOCK-TUDOR(Noun)
Usage : The house had a charming mock-tudor facade.
नक़ली = FACTITIAL(Adjective)
नक़ली = SHODDY(Noun)
Usage : Poor people are compelled to buy shoddy goods.
नक़ली = FLASHY(Adjective)
Usage : He drives around in a flashy car.
नक़ली = MOCKUP(Noun)
Usage : The designer created a mockup of the website before starting the actual development process.
नक़ली = TOY SOLDIER(Adjective)
Usage : The children played with their toy soldier figurines during the rainy afternoon.
नक़ली = WYLER(Adjective)
Usage : She wore a wyler dress that looked stunning at the party.
नक़ली = SYNTHETIC FIBER(Adjective)
Usage : The jacket is made of a strong synthetic fiber that is both lightweight and durable.
नक़ली = STAGED(Adjective)
Usage : The staged performance captivated the audience with its elaborate set design.
नक़ली = SFAX(Adjective)
Usage : The sfax documents were quickly identified as fraudulent by the investigators.
नक़ली = MOCK AZALIA(Adjective)
Usage : She wore a mock azalia dress that looked stunning but was made of cheap material.
नक़ली = GOND(Adjective)
Usage : The gond art displayed in the gallery was truly mesmerizing.
नक़ली = FAKEER(Adjective)
Usage : The fakeer artist created illusions that amazed the audience.
नक़ली = DUMAS(Adjective)
Usage : The dumas conspiracy was revealed to be a clever ruse.
नक़ली = COPIED(Adjective)
Usage : The copied documents were not accepted as original evidence in court.
नक़ली = CHAMPLEVE(Verb)
Usage : The artist chose to champleve a beautiful design onto the metal surface.
नक़ली = BOONE(Adjective)
Usage : The boone nature of the community made it a welcoming place for newcomers.
नक़ली = DUMMY(Noun)
Usage : A warning has been issued over a popular dummy.
नक़ली = FAKE(Adjective)
Usage : Preparing to tighten the screw on the fake .
नकलीपन = SHODDINESS(Noun)
उदाहरण : और नकलीपन और प्रभावी ढंग से दबा रहे हैं.
नकली बाल = WIG(Noun)
उदाहरण : hair pieceबाजार में बहुत महंगा मिलता है.
Usage : Lara used a wig for the play.
नकली नोट = CABBAGE(Noun)
उदाहरण : चोरों ने बैंक से एक बड़ी मात्रा में नकली नोट चुरा ली।
Usage : I like to have cabbage curry with chapati.
नकली नोट = SUGAR(Noun)
Usage : How much sugar do you like in your coffee.
नकली नोट = BOODLE(Noun)
Usage : The thieves stole a large sum of boodle from the bank.
नकली नोट = STIFF(Noun)
Usage : a lucky stiff
नकली दांत = DENTURE(Noun)
उदाहरण : नकली दाँत बनाने के लिये साँचे का प्रयोग किया जाता है.
Usage : She bought a new set of dentures recently.
नकली दांत = CROWN(Noun)
Usage : the colonies revolted against the Crown

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