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संभावना = POTENTIAL(Verb)
उदाहरण : कोरोनावायरस प्रसार की संभावना को कम करने के लिए, केरल ने जुलाई 2021 तक Covid नियमों को बढ़ा दिया।
Usage : To minimise the potential of Coronavirus spread, Kerala extended Covid regulations till July 2021.
संभावना = PROSPECT(Verb)
उदाहरण : वह मेरे लिए अशुभ हे
Usage : Some villagers are prospecting the wild animals in the hill areas.
संभावना = OMEN(Verb)
Usage : he looked for an omen before going into battle
संभावना = PROSPECTS(Verb)
Usage : Share the Blues Even a depressed market holds cheery prospects for the long term
संभावना = CONTINGENCY(Verb)
Usage : 3. Addition or allotment of funds from contingency / reserves. 3.
संभावना = LIKELIHOOD(Verb)
Usage : The likelihood of developing breast cancer increases with age.
संभावना = POSSIBILITY(Verb)
Usage : There is a possibility of my going to London.
संभावना = ODDS(Verb)
Usage : he offered odds of two to one
संभावना = OUTLOOK(Noun)
Usage : She has a very positive outlook.
संभावना = CHANCE(Verb)
उदाहरण : जब आप गाड़ी चलाते है तो आप एक संभावना लेते हो
Usage : you take a chance when you let her drive
संभावना = APPEARANCE(Noun)
Usage : The hero made his appearance on the stage alone.Her appearance as a commercial model in the T.V. telecast attracted the viewers.This counterfeit coin looks genuine in appearance.
संभावना = EVENTUALITY(Noun)
Usage : He was already aware of the eventuality his actions.
संभावना = PROBABILITY(Noun)
Usage : the probability that an unbiased coin will fall with the head up is 0.5
संभावना = EXPECTANCIES(Noun)
Usage : People living in at least 25 countries still have life expectancies of 50 years or less .
संभावना = PRESUMPTION(Noun)
Usage : Brahma 's presumption is the center pillar of vedant darshan, and it is the inimitable presentation to the world by Hindu dharm
संभावना = POTENTIALITY(Noun)
Usage : Ram had the potentiality but dint show it due to poverty.
संभावना = POSSIBILIST(Noun)
Usage : He is a possibilist who always finds a way to make things work.
संभावनीय = LIKELY(Adjective)
उदाहरण : असंभावनीय
Usage : A likely consequency.
संभावनासूचक = SUBJUNCTIVE(Noun)
Usage : I wish I could fly is an the subjunctive mood.
संभावनार्थक = SUBJUNCTIVE (MOOD)(Noun)
उदाहरण : परंपरागत ग्रीक में निश्चयात्मक एवं संभावनार्थक अक्षरों में स्पष्ट भेद था जो कि ‘
Usage : In subjunctive mood, the action is not guaranteed to happen.
संभावना होना = STAND A CHANCE(Verb)
उदाहरण : परोक्ष का अर्थ होता है, कुछ होने की बहुत कम संभावना होना।
संभावना है की = THE CHANCES ARE THAT(Noun)
Usage : So if we venture out of our Galaxy the chances are that we will meet more and more galaxies as we travel on for billions of light years.
संभावना के साथ = LIKELY(Adjective)
उदाहरण : बच्चों के जीने की बेहतर संभावना के साथ।
संभावना/साध्यता = FEASIBILITY(Noun)
Usage : The boss has asked the group to study the feasibility of setting up a laboratory to carry out some specific assignments.
संभावना का ध्यान करना = ENVISAGE(TransitiveVerb)
Usage : The engineer envisaged the recovery process for system breakdown.
संभावनाओं का सूक्ष्म संकेत = A STRAW IN THE WIND(Noun)
उदाहरण : उसके व्यवहार में हुए सूक्ष्म परिवर्तन ने संभावनाओं का सूक्ष्म संकेत जताया।
Usage : The slight change in his behavior was like a straw in the wind, indicating something was amiss.

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