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प्रभाव = LEVERAGE(Noun)
उदाहरण : टिप्पणीः परिवर्तन सत्रांत (लोगआउट) के बाद ही प्रभाव में आएंगे।
Usage : Give a long leverage.
प्रभाव = IMPACT(Noun)
उदाहरण : क्रिकेट में भारत का प्रभाव कम होना तय है।
Usage : the book had an important impact on my thinking
प्रभाव = INFLUENCE(Noun)
Usage : used her parents influence to get the job
प्रभाव = EFFECT(Noun)
Usage : he just did it for effect
प्रभाव = CLOUT(Noun)
Usage : He used political clout to get his work done.
प्रभाव = IMPRESSION(Noun)
Usage : his impression of her was favorable
प्रभाव = MIGHT(Noun)
Usage : Might is not always right.
प्रभाव = PRESSURE(Noun)
Usage : the compressed gas exerts an increased pressure
प्रभाव = PULL(Noun)
Usage : the pull up the hill had him breathing harder
प्रभाव = REACTION(Noun)
Usage : Nuclear reaction produces large amount of heat.
प्रभाव = ECLAT(Noun)
Usage : the eclat of a great achievement
प्रभाव = SWAY(Verb)
Usage : The trees are swaying in the wind.
प्रभाव = TOUCH(Noun)
Usage : he longed for the touch of her hand
प्रभाव = SHOW(Noun)
Usage : a remarkable show of skill
प्रभाव = WEIGHT(Noun)
Usage : the force of weight between two objects.
प्रभाव = WALLOP(Noun)
Usage : The boxer was ready to wallop his opponent with a powerful punch.
प्रभाव = IMPOSINGNESS(Noun)
Usage : The imposingness of the mountain range took my breath away.
प्रभाव = TRAIL(Verb)
Usage : there as a trail of blood
प्रभाव = RAY(Noun)
Usage : Sun rays produces ultraviolet rays.
प्रभाव = RESULT(IntransitiveVerb)
Usage : he listened for the results on the radio
प्रभाव = IMPRINT(Noun)
Usage : English stills bears the imprint of the Norman invasion
प्रभाव = EFFICACY(Noun)
Usage : concern about the safety and efficacy of the vaccine
प्रभाव = CINCH(Noun)
Usage : marketing this product will be no picnic
प्रभाव = REPERCUSSION(Noun)
Usage : his declaration had unforeseen repercussions
प्रभाव = TOUCHED(Adjective)
Usage : She was deeply touched by his sad story.
प्रभाव = FLUENCE(Noun)
Usage : The speaker's fluence over the audience was evident as they hung onto every word.
प्रभावी = EFFECTIVE(Adjective)
उदाहरण : भारत आतंकवाद के खिलाफ प्रभावी और प्रामाणिक कार्रवाई कर रहा है।
Usage : He has always been extremely effective.
प्रभावक = INFLUENCER(Noun)
उदाहरण : ग्राहक, प्रभावकारी (इनफल्यूंसर) और उपभोक्ता-
Usage : Customers, Influencers & Consumers:
प्रभावी = TRIED(Verb)
उदाहरण : नोटः फिर शुरू करने के पहले कुछ परिवर्तन नहीं प्रभावी हो सकते
Usage : A tried machine.
प्रभावी = PREPONDERANT(Adjective)
Usage : Melancholy is the preponderant mood for writing a poem.
प्रभावी = DOMINANT(Adjective)
Usage : Television plays a dominant role in molding public opinion
प्रभावी = DOMINANT ALLELE(Noun)
Usage : In genetics, the dominant allele determines the physical trait expressed in an organism.

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