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प्रमाण = VALIDATION(Noun)
उदाहरण : ऑनलाइन प्रमाणपत्र सत्यापन
Usage : Online Certificate Validation
प्रमाण = EVIDENCE(Noun)
उदाहरण : यह प्रमाण कि धूम्रपान फेफड़ों के कैंसर का कारण है, बहुत ही सम्मोहक है।
Usage : The evidence that smoking causes lung cancer is very compelling.
प्रमाण = PROOF(Noun)
Usage : if you have any proof for what you say, now is the time to produce it
प्रमाण = TESTIMONY(Noun)
Usage : According to his own testimony he cant do it.
प्रमाण = PARAGON(Verb)
Usage : Rajesh is a paragon for me.
प्रमाण = NORM(Noun)
Usage : He is a perfectly normal child.
प्रमाण = WITNESS(Noun)
Usage : He is the witness for the murder.
प्रमाण = DEMONSTRATION(Noun)
Usage : he confused the enemy with feints and demonstrations
प्रमाण = APHORISM(Noun)
Usage : Aphorisms contain general truth.
प्रमाण = DOCKET(IntransitiveVerb)
Usage : Only 5 of the 120 cases docketed were tried
Usage : Which leads to a theory that does have substantiation in the data and that 's called hormesis. Hormesis
प्रमाण = RATINGS(Noun)
Usage : The movie received high ratings from the critics.
प्रमाण = DOGMA(Noun)
Usage : He believed all the Marxist dogma
Usage : The Biometrics Authentication Market report add detail competitive landscape of the global market.
प्रमाण = ATTESTATION(Adjective)
Usage : The attesting witness could not come and that is why the attestation was postponed.
प्रमाणन = VERIFICATION(Noun)
उदाहरण : प्रमाणपत्र प्रमाणन प्राधिकारी द्वारा हस्ताक्षरित नहीं है.
Usage : Rajs paper is given for verification
प्रमाणन = CERTIFICATION(Noun)
Usage : The certificate is not signed by a Certification Authority.
प्रमाणक = CERTIFIER(Noun)
उदाहरण : अल्पप्रमाणक
Usage : The lawyer acted as the certifier of the document.
प्रमाणन = ACCREDITATION(Noun)
Usage : a commission is responsible for the accreditation of medical schools
प्रमाणन = AUTH(Abbreviation)
प्रमनेड = PROMENADE(Noun)
उदाहरण : प्रमनेड के सुंदरीकरण और चौपाटी की सफाई जैसी योजनाओं को लेकर यहां के बाशिंदों का पुराना अनुभव सुखद नहीं है।
Usage : I love to walk in a promenade.
प्रमाणक = VERIFIER(Noun)
Usage : Mechanical verifier
प्रमाणन = PROVING(Noun)
Usage : He is proving his innocence in the court.
प्रमाणित = DEMONSTRATED(Verb)
उदाहरण : आमने-सामने ने प्रमाणित कर दिया,
Usage : Face 2 Face demonstrated
प्रमाणिक = HALLMARK(Noun)
उदाहरण : भारतीय सोने के गहनों की"hallmark" की दुनिया मे विश्वनीयता है.
Usage : Wide staircases and arched gateways are the hallmark of this popular mosque.
प्रमाणित = ACCOMPLISHED(Verb)
Usage : She is an accomplished dancer.
प्रमाणित = PROVED(Verb)
Usage : a proven liar
प्रमाणित = ESTABLISHED(Verb)
Usage : the established social order
प्रमाणिक = STANDARD(Noun)
Usage : the schools comply with federal standards
प्रमाणित = COMMISSIONED(Verb)
Usage : A number of super thermal stations such as at Singrauli, Korba, Farakka, Ramagundam, Neyveli, etc. have since been commissioned.
प्रमाणित = PROVEN(Verb)
Usage : This has been proven, which is a miracle.
प्रमाणित = EFFECTED(Verb)
Usage : Concentration has three powers by which this aim can be effected.
प्रमाण्य = PROVABLE(Adjective)
उदाहरण : हाल्टिग समस्या, प्रमाण्य असाधित समस्या का मानक उदाहरण है।
Usage : Newton was very confident that his laws are provable.
प्रमाणित = ACCREDITED(Verb)
Usage : You can get advice on contacting accredited letting agents from:
प्रमाणित = CERTIFYING(Verb)
Usage : the act of certifying or affirming
प्रमाणित = VOUCHED(Noun)
Usage : John vouched for Sarah's impeccable character.
प्रमाणित = STANDARD(Adjective)
Usage : NCERT textbooks are a standard for CBSE students.
प्रमाण्य = DEMONSTRABLY(Adverb)
Usage : his documentary sources are demonstrably wrong

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