rok lagana    
रोक लगना = CONTROL(Verb)
Usage : i held control
रोक लगाना = PREVENT(Verb)
उदाहरण : जो कि वैलेन्टाइन डे पर रोक लगाना चाहते थे।
Usage : Raj, being a righteous man tried his best to prevent his friend from taking
bribe, but, failed.
रोक लगाना = DETAIN(Verb)
उदाहरण : पुलिस ने दिल्ली में अरविंद केजरीवाल को रोक दिया ।
Usage : Police detained arvind kejriwal in delhi.
रोक लगाना = RESTRAIN(TransitiveVerb)
Usage : Restrain your anger.
रोक लगाना = RESIST(Verb)
Usage : The trees resisted her
रोक लगाना = INHIBIT(TransitiveVerb)
Usage : Shyness inhibited the boy from speaking.
रोक लगाना = DISSUADE(TransitiveVerb)
उदाहरण : यह पहाड़ी के तल पर एक रोकने के लिए आया था
Usage : She said nothing to dissuade him.
रोक लगाना = CLOG(Verb)
Usage : The drainage pipeline was clogged due to heavy rains.
रोक लगाना = PROHIBIT(Verb)
Usage : Government is directed to prohibit downloading of TikTok app.
रोक लगाना = FORBID(Verb)
Usage : I forbid you to call me late at night
रोक लगाना = THWART(Verb)
Usage : Kerala government said that the efforts to thwart Nipah virus are being taken.
रोक लगाना = STALL(Verb)
Usage : the plane went into a stall and I couldnt control it
रोक लगाना = WARD OFF(Verb)
Usage : Ward off danger
रोक लगाना = VETO(Verb)
Usage : & Veto
रोक लगाना = SHOP(Verb)
Usage : I went to the chemists shop to buy some medicines.
रोक लगाना = TACKLE(Verb)
Usage : the right tackle is a straight A student
रोक लगाना = DETER(TransitiveVerb)
Usage : We are thinking of ways that can deter the youth from smoking.
रोक लगाना = SALES OUTLET(Noun)
Usage : The GMVBVM also helps SHGs to market their products through two sales outlets in Pune City named “SAVITRI”.
रोक लगाना = OUTLET(Noun)
Usage : The pent up anger must find an outlet.
रोक लगाना = AVOID(Verb)
Usage : Her former friends now avoid her
रोक लगाना = HALT(Verb)
Usage : How many days did Shiny Cars halt its production for?
रोक लगाना = PRECLUDE(Verb)
Usage : Those, who take bribe, should be precluded from their jobs.
रोक लगाना = RETAIL STORE(Noun)
Usage : or some other indirect channel like a retail store.
रोक लगाना = CAN(Verb)
Usage : I can do any work.
रोक लगाना = PICK UP(Verb)
Usage : He picked up the book and started to read
रोक लगाना = PULL(Verb)
Usage : The old machine pulled hard when it was operated after a time gap of one month.
रोक लगाना = CONTAIN(Verb)
Usage : 24 contains 6
रोक लगाना = INTERRUPT(Verb)
Usage : Do you wish to interrupt writing this disc?
रोक लगाना = HINDER(Verb)
Usage : Said (God): "O Iblis, what hindered you from adoring what I created by My own authority? Are you too proud, or too high and mighty?"
रोक लगाना = STEM(Verb)
Usage : Ignorance is the stem of racial discrimination.
रोक लगाना = DESIST(Verb)
Usage : He should desist from loosing his temper so quickly.
रोक लगाना = CHECK(Verb)
Usage : he paid all his bills by check
रोक लगाना = SUPPRESS(Verb)
Usage : Suppress your fear and go on with your work.
रोक लगाना = BANK(Verb)
Usage : I deposit my money in the bank.
रोक लगाना = STAMP ON(Verb)
Usage : On 16 september 1991 the postal department released a Rs 2 stamp on her memory.
रोक लगाना = HOLD BACK(Verb)
Usage : Say: 'If you possessed the treasuries of my Lord' s mercy, yet would you hold back for fear of expending; and man is ever niggardly. '
रोक लगाना = WAIT(Verb)
Usage : the wait was an ordeal for him
रोक लगाना = REIN IN(Verb)
Usage : When Sivanath came to know about this he tried to rein in his son but it had the opposite effect.
रोक लगाना = IMPEDE(Verb)
Usage : She is impeding the progress of our project
Usage : Method of accounting adopted in mercantile establishments.
रोक लगाना = PREEMPT(Verb)
Usage : But they are plain wrong. Saddam is an immediate menace, and the U. S. government has cause to preempt him. Here 's why:
रोक लगाना = OBSTRUCT(Verb)
Usage : His brother blocked him at every turn
रोक लगाना = STAY(Noun)
Usage : they had a nice stay in Paris
रोक लगाना = STOP(Verb)
Usage : it came to a stop at the bottom of the hill
रोक लगाना = BUCK(Verb)
Usage : A well - built mature buck can serve from 75 to 100 females a year, provided he is kept in a good healthy condition.
रोक लगाना = DELAY(Verb)
Usage : instant replay caused too long a delay
रोक लगाना = LID(Verb)
Usage : he raised the piano lid
रोक लगाना = SAVE(Verb)
Usage : the goalie made a brilliant save

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