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SUPERFLUOUS = अनावश्यक, ज़रूरत से ज़्यादा, फ़ालतू [pr.{anavashyak, jarurat se jayada, phaalatu} ](Adjective)
Usage : Mother gave away superfluous vegetables as she had prepared too much.
SUPERFLUOUS = अतिरिक्त [pr.{atirikt} ](Adjective)
उदाहरण : क्या बच्चे को प्राथमिकता प्राप्त होना चाहिए जब संग्राहक क्षैतिज अक्ष पर अतिरिक्त स्थान का आवंटन है.
SUPERFLUOUS = निरर्थक, तुच्छ [pr.{nirarthak, tuchchh} ](Adjective)
SUPERFLUOUS = अति अधिक [pr.{ati adhik} ](Adjective)
SUPERFLUOUS = फालतू [pr.{phalatu} ](Adjective)
उदाहरण : इस फालतू सामान को बाहर निकालो|
SUPERFLUOUS = अतिशय [pr.{atishay} ](Adjective)
उदाहरण : अतिशयोक्तिपूर्ण धारणाएं कैसे के साथ प्रौद्योगिकी
SUPERFLUOUS = अपेक्षाधिक [pr.{apekShadhik} ](Adjective)
SUPERFLUOUS = अतिव्यापी [pr.{ativyapi} ](Adjective)


SUPERFLUOUSLY = अनावश्यक रूप से [pr.{anavashyak rup se} ](Adverb)
Usage : superfluously, he added his silly comments to the discussion
उदाहरण : यदि उसकी मां जगाना भूल जातीं तो बालक अनावश्यक रूप से व्याकुल हो जाता।

Definition of Superfluous

  • serving no useful purpose; having no excuse for being; "otiose lines in a play"; "advice is wasted words"
  • more than is needed, desired, or required; "trying to lose excess weight"; "found some extra change lying on the dresser"; "yet another book on heraldry might be thought redundant"; "skills made redundant by technological advance"; "sleeping in the spare room"; "supernumerary ornamentation"; "it was supererogatory of her to gloat"; "delete superfluous (or unnecessary) words"; "extra ribs as well as other supernumerary internal parts"; "surplus cheese distributed to the needy"

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Superfluous meaning in Hindi : Get meaning and translation of Superfluous in Hindi language with grammar,antonyms,synonyms and sentence usages by ShabdKhoj. Know answer of question : what is meaning of Superfluous in Hindi? Superfluous ka matalab hindi me kya hai (Superfluous का हिंदी में मतलब ). Superfluous meaning in Hindi (हिन्दी मे मीनिंग ) is अनावश्यक, ज़रूरत से ज़्यादा, फ़ालतू.English definition of Superfluous : serving no useful purpose; having no excuse for being; otiose lines in a play; advice is wasted words

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Meaning Summary

Superfluous Meanings: अनावश्यक, ज़रूरत से ज़्यादा, फ़ालतू, अतिरिक्त, निरर्थक, तुच्छ, अति अधिक, ज़रूरत से ज़्यादा, फालतू, अतिशय, अपेक्षाधिक, अतिव्यापी

Synonym/Similar Words: supererogatory, extra, surplus, spare, excess, wasted, pointless, supernumerary, redundant, otiose