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THREATENING = धमकी भरा [pr.{dhamaki bhara} ](Verb)
Usage : Unclean matter could get absorbed by the injection fluid, enter the body and even cause life - threatening complications.
उदाहरण : धमकी भरा
THREATENING = आशंकाप्रद [pr.{Ashanakaprad} ](Verb)
उदाहरण : इसका अर्थ है, कि ये स्वास्थ्य या जीवन के लिए आशंकाप्रद नहीं है; असाध्य के विपरीत, गैर कैंसरग्रस्त है।
THREATENING = डरानेवाला [pr.{Daranevala} ](Verb)
THREATENING = भयंकर [pr.{bhayanakar} ](Verb)
THREATENING = धमकी [pr.{dhamaki} ](Verb)
उदाहरण : ब्रिटिश प्रधान मंत्री बोरिस जॉनसन ने कहा कि "कहीं भी हिंसा और धमकी पूरी तरह से अस्वीकार्य है"।
THREATENING = धमकानेवाला [pr.{dhamakanevala} ](Verb)
THREATENING = भयसूचक [pr.{bhayasuchak} ](Verb)


THREATENINGLY = धमकाने के अंदाज़ में [pr.{dhamakane ke anadaja men} ](Adverb)
Usage : The Times has been provoked, and has written threateningly.

Definition of Threatening

  • threatening or foreshadowing evil or tragic developments; "a baleful look"; "forbidding thunderclouds"; "his tone became menacing"; "ominous rumblings of discontent"; "sinister storm clouds"; "a sinister smile"; "his threatening behavior"; "ugly black clouds"; "the situation became ugly"
  • darkened by clouds; "a heavy sky"

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Threatening meaning in Hindi : Get meaning and translation of Threatening in Hindi language with grammar,antonyms,synonyms and sentence usages by ShabdKhoj. Know answer of question : what is meaning of Threatening in Hindi? Threatening ka matalab hindi me kya hai (Threatening का हिंदी में मतलब ). Threatening meaning in Hindi (हिन्दी मे मीनिंग ) is धमकी भरा.English definition of Threatening : threatening or foreshadowing evil or tragic developments; a baleful look; forbidding thunderclouds; his tone became menacing; ominous rumblings of discontent; sinister storm clouds; a sinister smile; his threatening behavior; ugly black clouds; the situation...

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Meaning Summary

Threatening Meanings: धमकी भरा, आशंकाप्रद, डरानेवाला, भयंकर, धमकी, धमकानेवाला, भयसूचक

Synonym/Similar Words: sinister, sullen, minacious, menacing, lowering, heavy, minatory, baleful, ominous, forbidding