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तीव्र = INTENSE(Adjective)
उदाहरण : उसकी चाल मेँ तीव्रता थी।
Usage : intense heat
तीव्र = INTENSIVE(Adjective)
उदाहरण : मूल हेडर (तीव्रतम) (_ B)
Usage : An intensive search helped him to regain his possessions.
तीव्र = KEEN(Noun)
Usage : She is keen to take on medical line.He is keen on marrying your sister.
तीव्र = EXQUISITE(Adjective)
Usage : The Milkmaid is an exquisite painting by Raja Ravi Varma.
तीव्र = SEVERE(Adjective)
Usage : The bomb threat caused severe disruption to the flights from Heathrow.
तीव्र = FIERCE(Adjective)
Usage : A fierce dog was guarding the house.
तीव्र = CRUSHING(Noun)
Usage : Never! He will certainly be thrown into the Crushing One.
तीव्र = VIOLENT(Adjective)
Usage : a violent attack
तीव्र = PIERCING(Verb)
Usage : She gave a piercing shriek.
तीव्र = LOUD(Adjective)
उदाहरण : एक तीव्र शोर सुनने के लिए आसान है|
Usage : A loud noise is easy to hear .
तीव्र = FREQUENT(Verb)
Usage : She haunts the ballet
तीव्र = SHARP(Noun)
Usage : Anyone attempting to draw water became an easy target of the sharp - shooters.
तीव्र = RETENTIVE(Adjective)
Usage : a retentive mind
तीव्र = DEEP(Noun)
Usage : in the deep of night
तिव्र = COLD(Noun)
उदाहरण : सीता का पातिव्रत महान है।
Usage : Im suffering from cold and cough.
तीव्र = HOT(Adjective)
Usage : hot stove
तीव्र = SAVAGE(Noun)
Usage : Some young people are becoming savage.
तीव्र = YARE(Noun)
Usage : He had yare in his walk.
तीव्र = BRIGHT(Adjective)
Usage : The room was bright and airyHad a bright future in publishing
तीव्र = FAST(Verb)
Usage : The most important household remedy for agnimandya is fasting at night or taking light food.
तीव्र = EXTREME(Noun)
Usage : he carried it to extremes
तीव्र = BRISK(Verb)
Usage : business brisked up
तीव्र = SPEEDY(Adjective)
Usage : Tendulkar is one of most speedy batsmen in the world.
तीव्र = ACUTE(Adjective)
Usage : Dogs have an acute sense of smell.
तीव्र = CRISP(Noun)
Usage : Her answer was crisp and clear.crisp clear nights and frosty mornings
तीव्र = QUICK(Noun)
Usage : I will have a quick look at the book.
तीव्र = SOUND(Noun)
Usage : the sound of rain on the roof
तीव्र = VEHEMENT(Adjective)
Usage : Vehement protest was seen on the very first day of Sabarimala temple's opening since the Supreme Court's decision.
तीव्र = RAPID(Noun)
Usage : There has been a rapid increase in the prices of gold and silver recently.
तीव्र = CLEAR(Noun)
Usage : investigation showed that he was in the clear
तीव्र = SWIFT(Noun)
Usage : Swift can fly with rapid curving movements.
तीव्र = STORMY(Adjective)
Usage : a stormy day
तीव्र = LIVELY(Adjective)
Usage : a lively discussion
तीव्र = EDGY(Adjective)
Usage : After the bomb explosion there is an edgy calm in the capital.
तीव्र = ESCALATING(Adjective)
Usage : Despite escalating demands of postponement, NTA has clarified that JEE-NEET exams would be conducted as per schedule.
तीव्र = ACUTE-ANGLED(Adjective)
Usage : The triangle has three acute-angled corners.
तीव्रता = FURY(Noun)
उदाहरण : यहाँ पर हिस्टोग्राम चयन की अधिकतम तीव्रता चुनें
Usage : hell hath no fury like a woman scorned
तीव्रता = STRENGTH(Noun)
Usage : fatigue sapped his strength
तीव्रता = VIOLENCE(Noun)
Usage : he may accomplish by craft in the long run what he cannot do by force and violence in the short one
तीव्रता = VOLUME(Noun)
Usage : The music was on full volume
तीव्रता = INTENSITY(Noun)
Usage : he adjusted the intensity of the sound
तीव्रता = VEHEMENCE(Noun)
Usage : the vehemence of his denial
तीव्रता = EDGE(Noun)
Usage : he rounded the edges of the box

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