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उदर = ABDOMEN(Noun)
उदाहरण : कीट इस रूप से भी अलग हैं कि इनमें सुसऋद्दपषऋद्दट सिर, वक्ष और उदर होता है.
Usage : Abdomen muscles are the core of your body's strength.
उदर = BELLY(Noun)
Usage : the belly of a sail
उदर = STOMACH(Noun)
Usage : he had no stomach for a fight
उदर = VENTER(Noun)
Usage : `in venter is legal terminology for `conceived but not yet born
उदर = MAW(Noun)
Usage : A small company disappearing in the maw of gaint conglomerate.
उदर = ABDOMINAL(Adjective)
Usage : For the last couple of days I have been suffering from abdominal pain.
उदरक = ABDOMINAL(Adjective)
उदार = LARGE-SOULED(Adjective)
उदाहरण : सत्येन्द्रनाथ की पत्नी बड़ी उदार थीं और उनके दो बच्चे सुरेन और इन्दिरा, जिनकी उम्र क्रमशः छह और पांच साल की थी-- अपनी युवा और खूबसूरत चाचा से घुल मिल गए।
Usage : She is a truly large-souled person who always puts others first.
उदार = LARGE(Noun)
Usage : For the purpose of providing pure water for this vast concourse of people, Purandar engaged a large number of workers to dig up a large tank.
उदार = BROAD(Noun)
Usage : a broad is a woman who can throw a mean punch
उदार = HANDSOME(Adjective)
Usage : Satyendranath 's wife was kind and the two children, Suren and Indira, aged six and five respectively, doted on their' ybung and handsome uncle.
उदार = LIBERAL(Adjective)
Usage : A liberal donor.
उदार = BENEVOLENT(Adjective)
Usage : a benevolent society
उदार = GREAT-HEARTED(Adjective )
Usage : He was known for his great-hearted generosity towards those in need.
उदार = PRINCELY(Adjective)
Usage : We were surely impressed by the princely lifestyle.
उदार = NOBLE MINDED(Adjective)
Usage : She always puts others' needs before her own, showing her noble minded nature.
उदार = FREEHANDED(Adjective)
Usage : She was known for her freehanded generosity, always willing to help those in need.
उदार = LARGE MINDED(Noun)
Usage : She was known for being large minded and always willing to consider different viewpoints.
उदरक = VENTER(Noun)
उदार = FRANK(Noun)
Usage : Everybody should be frank in speech/reply.
उदार = BOUNTY(Noun)
Usage : Business enterprises bounty supllied the roads in the city.
उदार = LARGE-HANDED(Adjective)
Usage : She was known for her large-handed generosity.
उदार = OPEN HANDED(Adjective )
Usage : He is known for his open handed generosity.
उदार = LARGE HEARTED(Noun)
Usage : She is known for her large hearted nature, always willing to help those in need.
उदरीय = ABDOMINAL(Noun)
उदाहरण : उदरीय शल्यक्रिया संपन्न हुई।
Usage : An abdominal operation was performed.
उदरीय = CELIAC(adjective)
उदाहरण : अनुपचारित उदरीय रोग में शर्करारक्तता पायी गई.
Usage : Sucrosemia in untreated celiac disease is found
उदारता = GENEROSITY(Noun)
उदाहरण : हमारे विद्यालय के पास ज्यादा धन नहीं था, यह तो शहर के प्रतिष्ठित व्यापारियों में से एक की उदारता ही थी जिससे हमें एक नया पुस्तकालय मिला।
Usage : Indians are known for their generosity.
उदारता = LARGESSE(Noun)
Usage : A number of people were living onlargesses from him.
उदारता = TOLERANCE(Noun)
Usage : He lost his tolerance due to bad health.
उदारता = GENEROUS(Adjective)
उदाहरण : दूसरो के साथ वैसी ही उदारता बरतो जैसी ईश्वर ने तुम्हारे साथ बरती है ।
Usage : a generous donation
उदारता = MAGNANIMITY(Noun)
Usage : Union Sports Minister Uma Bharati in her magnanimity has appointed her housekeeper Rani Singh to three committees.
उदारता = WIDTH(Noun)
Usage : The width of this corridor is eight feet.
उदरशूल = COLIC(Noun)
उदाहरण : रंगसाजों को होने वाला उदरशूल सीसा-विषण्णता आंत्रशूल को निरूपित करता है
Usage : The baby cried due to colic.
उदारता = BREADTH(Noun)
Usage : a teacher must have a breadth of knowledge of the subject
उदारता = CHARITY(Noun)
Usage : Charity begins at home.
उदरहीन = AGASTRIC(adjective)
उदाहरण : मछलियों के घेघा आम तौर पर लघु, विस्तृत और सीधे होते है और पेट के लिए या उदरहीन प्रजातियों में आंत में मुंह और ग्रसनी से ठोस और तरल पोषण हस्तांतरण करने के लिए कार्य करता है|
Usage : the esophagus of fishes is generally short, wide and straight and serves to transfer ingesta from the mouth and pharynx to the stomach or to the intestine in agastric species.

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