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व्याकुल = DISTURBED(Verb)
उदाहरण : या उस समय जब तुम व्याकुल-सी होकर भोजन पर टूट पड़ी थीं।
Usage : The figure for 1981 does not include the population of Assam where a census could not be held because of disturbed conditions and political reasons.
व्याकुल = PERTURBED(Verb)
Usage : If evil befalls him he is perturbed;
व्याकुल = FRAUGHT(Adjective)
Usage : Shopping any where in the world seems to become more fraught every year.
व्याकुल = PERPLEXED(Adjective)
उदाहरण : उद्विग्न मन से लिए गए निर्णय बहुदा गलत होते हैं
Usage : Parents of Gurugram were perplexed by the government's late night order to extend the summer vacation by a week.
व्याकुल = RESTLESS(Adjective)
Usage : a restless night
व्याकुल = RATTLED(Verb)
Usage : His unconventional ways have amused many but rattled his party leadership.
व्याकुल = QUEASY(Adjective)
उदाहरण : रवीना टंडन की वापसी फिल्म मातृ प्रासंगिक है, लेकिन आपको व्याकुल करती है।
Usage : Raveena Tandon's comeback movie Maatr is relevant but makes you queasy.
व्याकुल = SICK(Adjective)
Usage : He has been sick for many days.
व्याकुल = THIRSTY(Adjective)
Usage : after playing hard the children were thirsty
व्याकुल = FLUSTERED(Verb)
Usage : “So am I, ” said Badruddin politely and left immediately in spite of the flustered judge 's attempts to stop him.
व्याकुल = UNEASY(Adjective)
Usage : farmers were uneasy until rain finally came
व्याकुल = FITFUL(Adjective)
Usage : He is fitful in his dealings.
व्याकुल = UNQUIET(Adjective)
Usage : unquiet days of riots
व्याकुल = ADDLED(Verb)
Usage : Drug abuse causes a person to become addled.
व्याकुल = FOGGY(Adjective)
Usage : This is a foggy day, you cannot see the sun.
व्याकुल = MIXED UP(Noun)
Usage : but your kids could get mixed up in gangs
व्याकुलता = SELF CONSCIOUSNESS(Noun)
उदाहरण : अब हम व्याकुलता की एक संस्कृति हैं
व्याकुलता = DISCOMFITURE(Noun)
Usage : Given his health problems and discomfiture with economics, Vajpayee has been non - communicative about the political rationale behind reforms.
व्याकुलता = CONSTERNATION(Noun)
Usage : The super cyclone in Orissa filled the entire nation with consternation.
व्याकुलता = LABYRINTH(Noun)
Usage : Membranous Labyrinth
व्याकुलता = UNEASINESS(Noun)
Usage : His uneasiness disturbed me.
व्याकुलता = DISQUIETUDE(Noun)
Usage : The ego loves to grab and cling but finds only disquietude and disappointment that way.
व्याकुलता = JACTITATION(noun)
Usage : great restlessness and jactitation set in with the renewal of the circulation in the extremities.
व्याकुलता = AGITATION(Noun)
Usage : the political ferment produced new leadership
व्याकुलता = MALAISE(Noun)
Usage : There are signs of a creeping malaise in our office.
व्याकुलता = STEW(Verb)
Usage : Ram is very cunning. He knows how to stew others.
व्याकुलता = QUANDARY(Noun)
Usage : She is in a quandary whether to take up the position or not.
व्याकुलता से = FITFULLY(Adverb)
उदाहरण : व्याकुलता से भरा।
Usage : he slept fitfully
व्याकुल करना = PERPLEX(Verb)
Usage : I was perplexed by his rude behaviour.

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